Telling A Tale About Me:

 I am Shreya Roy – one of the most sought after names in the independent escort category from the city of wonders – escorts in Ahmadabad. I am a post-graduate by education and belong to an upper-middleclass society. I have had convent education and I have a strong faith in God. Well, this is one side of me. The other and the truest side of my personality is quite extravagant and extrovert. I love enjoying life to the extreme and sincerely feel that I should spread love that is often lacking in the present society escort in ahmedabad. I love sharing my feelings and making others to enjoy their time and life.

How I came to escort industry that is a separate part of my life. But, I love being treated as a gorgeous diva, getting attention from peoples from high-class society and spreading love and affection. I can be a perfect girlfriend in need for a stressful individual, can be a goddess of love for the love-crazy, and can be a perfect companion for the partners, who fail to find eternal happiness through their life-partners and legal spouses. Depending upon the demand, I can be a next-door girl, can be a babysitter, can be your secretary, can also perform a little mujra, and custom role-playing in private. There is one thing that defines me – a true reflection of your inner lustfulness, what you urge to get from your sex-partner.

I am witty, intelligent, adaptive, and courteous, that makes me a perfect blend in any social gathering or business meeting. My distinct ability to mix-well with the crowd makes me a special independent escort perfect for any occasion. I love to meet with people and explore their inner fantasies that they hardly could express Ahmedabad escort. In my companionship, people feel adorable, caring and gentle, while deriving that eternal pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.

What makes me different:

You can find in me, the glamour of a model and the beauty of a fairy which you might be fantasizing too often. My divinely sculpted body structure can seduce Biswamitras of the modern world. My charismatic persona will not allow you to leave me even for a moment when you come to me. Even a twinkle of my glorified eye will pierce through your deeper feelings and will arouse you to experience the sensual pleasure through the acts which was taught by Vātsyāyana.

My art of making intimacy will keep you glued to me both physically and emotionally. You will surely feel that even if you are physically detached, you will be emotionally attached to me for a long time, even after you move-away from my companionship. I can accompany you any special occasion, business trips inside the country and abroad, also to your secret abode. I offer both in-call and out-call facility and can meet you at the pre-defined destination Ahmadabad .

I offer a completely professional companionship with 100% assurance of a healthy and positive encounter. I am very much concerned about hygiene and maintain myself perfectly clean for enjoying an enchanting time. I also believe that your identity should be discrete and I too, want that mutually from you. I belong to a general society, where people find be cordial, friendly and affectionate. But, I assure you to offer you that lustful pleasure that you have always craved for from your physical partner Independent escorts in Ahmedabad.

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